Is this the Pembroke Massachusetts Library?

No, this is Pembroke New Hampshire.

Is this building Town Hall?

No, Town Hall, is the next building over

How much are copies/faxes/prints?

10 cents a page black and white, 50 cents a page color.How much are copies/prints?

How much is a library card for out of town residents?

Allenstown residents pay a reduced rate of $15/year. Other towns pay a rate of $30/year.

How many items can I checkout at once?

As many as you can carry!

Do you have overdue fines?

No! We, like many libraries, have phased out this punitive measure. If you would like more information on “fine-free” libraries ask us and we can provide you with reading material.

What is a library trustee?

As part of a trustee board, trustees serve on a volunteer basis, can be elected or appointed to a library board for a period of time, and are tasked with the duty of helping to direct the funds and policies of an institution. In general, the library board of trustees has a role in determining the mission of the library, setting the policy that governs the library, hiring and evaluating a library director, and overseeing the general management of the library.

Can the library help me with technology/device related questions?

Of course! Send us an email, call, or come into the library and we will get things squared away.

Do you offer homebound delivery services?

We understand that it can be hard to get out of the house and to the library. As of now, we don’t have a robust delivery service but we can help on an as needed basis.

Who does all the amazing artwork at the front desk?